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Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL, art director, print, web, photographer

Existences in Pau, Bordeaux, Oloron Sainte Marie

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The pleasure of the nice object, the image, the voyage at your fingertips

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Graphic design, a laboratory for a seeking mind.

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Get started on this visual blog where mixes aesthetics and experiences, simply, spontaneously, focused on the discovery with photo stories, mainly trips, excursions, cultural, artistic, sport events, ...

Pau Grand Prix

The Race and the City

Retrospective of my 2015 edition of the Pau Grand Prix : races, paddocks, moments of urban races !

En montagne

Eye's pleasure, the taste of the effort, self-forgetfulness. Leisure rides, especially in the Pyrenees, Bearn and its valleys : Aspe, Ossau Barétous, also Spain, elsewhere ... wander these mountains where we look for inner peace, sharing moments, surprising meetings in the heart of the still sometimes wild nature !

City Explorer

City atmospheres, architectures, landscapes in France, Paris, Bordeaux, Pau, Spain, the USA and the Philippines, discover, explore, and share via the photo cities, lights, atmospheres, cultures...

Aesthetic & Experience : Stories, documentations, professional, personal, pell-mell, dslr, compact, phone, nevermind the body, let's just picture it... Lose yourself, find something !

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