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Galerie Existences à Oloron Sainte Marie


Stories, trips and meetings in the valleys of Béarn and beyond, from pyrenees mountains to Bordeaux, Paris ...

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Discover the Winter Holiday lights in the picturesque city of Oloron-Sainte-Marie in the french Pyrenees.

Christmas events

Christmas events Christmas seasons, time for special events like Young Farmers Fair, Artcrafts, happening nearby the rink...

Atarine & Zenytude openings

Atarine & Zenytude openings A to Z. This evening is the celebration of the opening of Atarine and Zenytude shops in Oloron-Sainte-Marie.

Skating in the rain

Skating in the rain The first skaters of the Christmas holiday rink in Oloron must brave the heavy rain, never mind !

Jurançon wine degustation

Jurançon wine degustation Discover the Clos Castet Jurançon wine during the 15th Jurançon Road of Wine, cultivated by Labourdette family in the village of Cardesse.

Zipline beginners (Telethon)

Zipline beginners (Telethon) During Telethon 2011 in Oloron, Nathalie and Colette were able to make their 1st zip line experience.

Telethon 2011

Telethon 2011 Firefighters demos, make-up sessions, harley rides, some animations oth the Telethon Saturday in Oloron-Sainte-Marie.

Latcho Dives Gadjé

Latcho Dives Gadjé The palais Beaumont in Pau hosts the inauguration of the gypsy festival Latcho Dives Gadjo. Symposium, movies, concerts and exhibitions about these nomad people are...

Oloron kids

Oloron kids Oloron kids playing on a sunny november afternoon.

The flood of the century in Oloron

The flood of the century in Oloron Sunday, November 6, 2011, the mountain streams in Oloron-Sainte-Marie reached record highs, the water overflowing in many places.

Didgeridoo session at Armixt

Didgeridoo session at Armixt Armixt in Oloron organizes sessions to discover didgeridoo, a wind instrument of the Aborigines of northern Australia,

Ches Panses Vertes puppets

Ches Panses Vertes puppets The company Ches Panses Vertes from Picardy has invested the lobby in Espace Jéliote, Oloron with 30 years of puppetry.

The fairy cave

The fairy cave In the footsteps of the Empress Eugenie in the cave of the fairies near Eaux Chaudes in the Valley of Ossau for this caving trip ...

Natural risks in mountains

Natural risks in mountains As part of the International Day for the prevention of natural risks, environmental organization Bearn Initiatives Environnement organizes an outreach in Canfranc in Spain...

Schools Cross Country

Schools Cross Country Multiple races for all ages in the program of the Schools cross-country race in the city of Oloron-Sainte-Maire.

La chasse à la palombe en col

La chasse à la palombe en col Secular tradition, the principle of this hunt is to attract pigeons in nets stretched on top of the mountains.

Nay Baroque Concert

Nay Baroque Concert Three choirs, Exultate from Lescar, l'Espace à chanter from Oloron, Tem'Pau from Billère and eight musicians in the class of ancient music of Jean-Miguel Aristzabal at the...

Sport and Sustainable Development

Sport and Sustainable Development Béarn Initiatives Environment performed in the market of Oloron to promote the Sport and Sustainable Development festival.

From Saint-Emilion to Sauternes

From Saint-Emilion to Sauternes The vineyards of Bordeaux from north to south, its villages and castles, from Saint Emilion to Sauternes via the Entre-Deux-Mers.

Espace Pelecq in Arudy

Espace Pelecq in Arudy Open doors in this space grouping artists, climbing wall, a carpenter, natural materials, etc..

The Beighau berets factory

The Beighau berets factory The abandoned berets factory hosts an exhibition of visual artists installations for the Heritage Day.

Samie Louve in Sauvagnon

Samie Louve in Sauvagnon Meeting the poetess Samie Louve in Sauvagnon, picturesque village near Pau, where her words punctuates the visual walk imagined with Pascal Le Doare.

Oloron Culinary photography contest

Oloron Culinary photography contest Backstage of the 4th edition of the International Contest of Culinary Photography in Oloron Sainte-Marie.

Jacques Monestier, the automata sculptor

Jacques Monestier, the automata sculptor Discover Jacques Monestier, the famous automata sculptor, author of the Quartier de l'horloge clock in Paris : www.jacques...


Auvers-sur-Oise Vincent Van Gogh lived and died in this small city, many of his paintings were created here.

Paris Express

Paris Express A few snaps from my short trip in Paris.

Col du Tourmalet

Col du Tourmalet 17km from Sainte-Marie-de-Campan, 2h of climbing, and the great joy to achieve a kid dream....

Insolite Tuesdays in Anti-Mites

Insolite Tuesdays in Anti-Mites Every Tuesday of the months of July and August, the Anti-Mites in Oloron welcomes artists and performances, discussions, promising convivial evenings.

Odile Marta-Lascaray, wood sculptor

Odile Marta-Lascaray, wood sculptor Meeting Odile Marta-Lascaray and her tools in her sculptor workshop in Sus, near Oloron-Ste-Marie.

Traditional pyrenean feast

Traditional pyrenean feast August 15th in Laruns is the Feast of Notre Dame, showing traditional costumes of the Ossau valley and bearnese dances and songs.

Flower's party in Eaux-Bonnes

Flower's party in Eaux-Bonnes Thousands of colorful creape flowers, made by the ladies of the village, used to decorate the tanks parading throughout the afternoon at the sound of brass bands.

The grove's flowers

The grove's flowers Some flowers of the Pyrenees, endemic, some protected, in a grove of the Ossau valley.

Drums festival in Bedous

Drums festival in Bedous Festiv'Aspe, a drums festival in Bedous, Aspe valley, with fire-eaters.


Sarrance Discover the floored cloister of the Premonstratensian monastery, XVII century and the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Pierre, late eighteenth century.

Estaens lake

Estaens lake Located in Aragon, Spain, frontier to the Aspe Valley, Estaens lake is also a dam, hydroelectric plant, which is located in France.

Art exhibits in Aas and Louvie-Juzon

Art exhibits in Aas and Louvie-Juzon Ossau-Resonances organizes exhibitions and art markets in the Ossau valley, like this early August in Aas at the old school.

Art Market in Eaux-Chaudes

Art Market in Eaux-Chaudes Eaux-Chaudes (hot-waters) village in the heart of the Ossau valley, is today the home of artists and artisans of the region, in the historic scenery of this spa city.

Etsaut Traditional Cheese Festival

Etsaut Traditional Cheese Festival 20 years of existence for the traditional Cheese Festival at Etsaut, in the heart of the Aspe valley, 4,000 people are expected.

Lanterns and fireworks

Lanterns and fireworks July 13-14th: release of lanterns organized by Sandrone company, also concerts, traditional fireworks.

Tour de France

Tour de France 13th stage of 2011 Tour de France: Pau-Lourdes. Before mounting the neck of Aubisque, the pack is passing by Bel-Air.

Oloron Jazz festival

Oloron Jazz festival Jazz à Oloron 2011 happens june 24th to July 3rd. Scheduled: Jacky Terrasson, Roberto Negro, China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier, Nina Attal, The Bad Plus, Mario Canonge,...

Jazz in Oloron 2011 "Off"

Jazz in Oloron 2011 "Off" Action, emotion and relaxation. Crafts, games, free concerts, rafting, zip line, alongside the prestigious concerts, the village festival multiplies activities.

A day of Art

A day of Art Virtual Tour of a day's drive: Daniel Selllier, la Morue Noire and students of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux.

Bucolic walk

Bucolic walk Bucolic walk in the heart of a grove in the Ossau valley, the owner attaches particular attention to endemic species.

Saint-Jean traditional fire

Saint-Jean traditional fire In front of the Cathedral of Saint Mary, Bearn songs, blessings for the transhumance of sheep, and in a ear meadow, meals and traditional bonfire.

Rainy Music fiesta

Rainy Music fiesta Singing in the rain! A great hail storm hit the city, inviting himself in the middle of the festival ....


Camin'Art Welcome to Camin'Art festival, gathering multi-artistic, rhythmic ride stories, lectures, dances, surprises, evening concerts, this year in Aramits, valley of Barétous.

Ayous lakes

Ayous lakes At the bottom of the Pic du Midi d'Ossau, discover the Bious Artigue dam, the three lakes of Ayous and finally Bersau lake, up to 2150m high.

Insolite Fort of Portalet

Insolite Fort of Portalet The fort of Portalet is full of mysteries, we're not the ones who'll solve them...

Transhumance in Lourdios

Transhumance in Lourdios At this time of year is the start to the summer pastures, the herds are stopped for the blessing before going higher in the mountains for the season.