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2012, the story goes on... Discover places, people, instants from the Pyrenees to Bordeaux, Paris, Spain...

Disabled climb at the Wall

Disabled climb at the Wall Members of the Passerelle du Cœur (Gateway of Heart) organization, experience tonight indoor climbing at the Wall of Oloron-Sainte-Marie.

Oloron 2030

Oloron 2030 "In a oil crisis and global warming context, what is your dream for Oloron in 2030 ?" This is the question Martin Rieussec asks to the city inhabitants for the "Oloron in...

Soum de Counée under the snow

Soum de Counée under the snow Soum de Counée is a peak (1368m) above the Plateau du Bénou near the Col de Marie-Blanque, in between Aspe and Ossau valleys.

Oloron by Night : a book is born

Oloron by Night : a book is born Oloron-Sainte-Marie la Nuit, la Ville a Rendez-Vous avec les Lunes.Oloron-Sainte-Marie by Night, the City meets the Moons, one year between the preview of the 1st layout at...

Expo in Estialesq

Expo in Estialesq Christine Bonelli and Colette Hustaix shows their paintings in the little village of Estialesq in Jurançon.

Opening in Bedous

Opening in Bedous Group Christmas show opening in the old presbytery in Bedous, Aspe valley, Bearn, Pyrénées : 15 artists, paintings, photographs, sculptures, artifacts, lamps, hats, etc...

Huesca by Night

Huesca by Night Huesca, Aragon, Spain, discovering a city after sunset...

Los Mallos de Riglos

Los Mallos de Riglos Discover Los Mallos de Riglos, 300m high monolythes walls, in the Spanish province of Huesca in Aragon.

Road to Huesca

Road to Huesca From snow to sun, the road to Huesca, in Aragon, Spain

Pau Book Fair

Pau Book Fair In the new library complex of Pau, presenting Oloron by Night at the Monhelios booth, among the many other books and authors of the editor.

Show Case : Poétissages

Show Case : Poétissages The poetry of Samie Louve, the music of Stéphane Albert and the clown'Eolia for their show Poétissages, yesterday evening at Show Case, Pau.

Les économies d'énergies en expo

Les économies d'énergies en expo Du transport de l'énergie à son utilisation par les éco-gestes, une expo ludique à voir jusqu'au 15 novembre à l'ancienne mairie à Oloron, la semaine prochaine à Pau...

Conference and expo "We never saw that ?"

Conference and expo "We never saw that ?" Floods in Béarn and Pyrenees, a group exhibit and conference by Béarn Initiatives Environnement and the C-PRIM, Centre Pyrénéen des Risques Majeurs and partners at the...

Back to the nets of Lanne

Back to the nets of Lanne A new visit of the nets of Lanne en Barétous for the traditional pigeon hunt. See also my visit last year.

Spain Photo-Tour

Spain Photo-Tour From Barcelona to Madrid, passing by San Sebastian, Bilbao, pictures of cities, scenics, people, days and nights !

Richard Bohringer one man show

Richard Bohringer one man show Traine pas trop sous la pluie. Don't stay too long under the rain. Richard Bohringer, strong and sensible, presents his one man show for the audience of salle Jéliote in...

Wood and straw House

Wood and straw House Today I visited my friend who is building for him and his family, with help of friends, an ecologic sustainable house made of wood and straw. Work in progress...

The morning of the Wall's 24h

The morning of the Wall's 24h Morning visit to the climbers of Oloron's Wall 24h event, a world level competition of indoor-climbing.

Eric Braccini Trio at Showcase

Eric Braccini Trio at Showcase Eric Braccini, piano, Guillaume Lacrampe, drums, Oliver Potratz, bass, october 4th in Showcase, Pau.

2 peaks 2000m+

2 peaks 2000m+ In the clouds of Ossau valley, Pic Lavigne, 2018m, then Pic Chérue, 2185m.... 8h walk....

Sport and sustainable Development festival

Sport and sustainable Development festival After a day focused on challenges and envrionment education, in the end of the day and the evening happens concerts and night orientation race.

Art Express in Oloron

Art Express in Oloron Two quick visits for this fulfilled saturday, first the opening of the cultural season of Oloron area ; second in Armixt, the opening of Alesko's show : Maniakbox

Orientation race by night

Orientation race by night Preparing the Sport and Sustainable Development festival, BIE, Béarn Environment Initiatives team, has tested in real conditions one of the activities of the program: the...

Poetry concert

Poetry concert The poetess Samie Louve, with guitarist Stéphane Albert and clown Line Coignon, shows in Serres-Castet (64), their show, Poétissage.

Hondarribia Alarde

Hondarribia Alarde The Hondarribia Alarde celebrates a victory against French army in 1638. In the city since the previous night, marches to the sound of flutes the military companies,...

Hondarribia Alarde : la Mixta

Hondarribia Alarde : la Mixta Among the many companies marching during Hondarribia Alarde, the Mixta is a special one, composed of people coming from outise the city, it's a kind of foreign legion.

Hondarribia streets

Hondarribia streets Aside virgin of Guadalupe's fiesta in Hondarribia (Fuenterrabia), Gibuzkoa province, spanish Basque country, facing Hendaye, streets, beach, mont Jaizkibel, ...

Printing Oloron by Night book

Printing Oloron by Night book A part of the printing process of Oloron by Night book in France Quercy printing company

South west road trip

South west road trip Starting Bordeaux, hit the road.... A few pictures as past and present memories... Dordogne, Domme Lot, Aveyron, Gers...

La Pierre-Sainte-Martin

La Pierre-Sainte-Martin Summer and unusual walk in the streets and on the deserted ski tracks of the altitude station of Arette la Pierre-Saint-Martin in the Pyrénées.

Pic d'Anie's foot

Pic d'Anie's foot Starting Arette-la-Pierre-Saint-Martin, hiking along the Arlas and Soum Couy peaks, direction of the pic d'Anie's foot, in the lunar landscape of this karst area.

The Garburade

The Garburade The garbure is a traditiionnal basco-bearnese soup. The Garburade is the world championship of garbure preparation, that held in Oloron-Sainte-Marie in the french Pyrénées.

Anti-Mites 2012, final evening

Anti-Mites 2012, final evening Rémy Boiron, accompany by Alain Larribet performs his theatre play about Myths for the last evening of 2012 summer in Anti-Mites in Oloron

The col of Aubisque

The col of Aubisque A legendary pass of the Tour de France, rising up to 1709m. It is a 18km climb, 7% on average and 1200m between the foot and the summit. On the top you can find horses,...

An insolite tuesday evening

An insolite tuesday evening Tonight at the Anti-Mites, Oloron, for the Unusual Tuesdays: Alain Cébria and Leah Pludvinski exhibits "Landes with four hands" and the troupe of the Theater of Aix plays ...

Pic Sanctus

Pic Sanctus 2500m altitude to the top of the ride, starting from Gourette on the slopes of the Aubisque from the Ossau valley, 1200m elevation to reach the peak of Sanctus, Louesque...

Combo Vélo-Expo

Combo Vélo-Expo Climb to the plateau de Lescun, route of Sanchèse, 8km, 8%... to visit the show of local artist Danièle Gay, after passing through Aspe valley, Sarrance, Bedous...

A new Bohemian Thursday

A new Bohemian Thursday Ossau Resonances organizes during summer, Bohemians Thursdays, night markets of arts and crafts in Laruns, Ossau valley in the Pyrenees.

Lescun - Orgues de Camplong

Lescun - Orgues de Camplong Walk in the clouds altitude 2000m to reach the karst plateau of the north side of the Orgues de Camplong, cirque de Lescun, vallée d'Aspe, Pyrénées.

Col d'aspin, Hourquette d'Ancizan

Col d'aspin, Hourquette d'Ancizan Bike loop starting Aure valley in Hautes Pyrénées, Saint-Lary Soulan, two 1st category passes : Aspin, 12kn, 6,5%, Hourquette d'Ancizan, 10km 5%...

Col de Marie-Blanque

Col de Marie-Blanque Ascension by Bielle of the famous col de Marie-Blanque, in the Pyrenees, 11km, 5%, with a beautiful and resting passage on the Plateau du Bénou.

Bohemian thursdays in Laruns

Bohemian thursdays in Laruns During summer, Ossau Resonances organizes Bohemians Thursdays, night markets of arts and crafts in Laruns, Ossau valley in the Pyrenees. Despite the rain this Thursday, the...

L'Anti-Mites, arts and people

L'Anti-Mites, arts and people Some moments of the 2012 season of the Anti-Mites, place of arts at the Gabarn area, near Oloron, the debriefing meeting of the Arts en Place art show, music and danse show...

Cols de Lie & d'Ichère

Cols de Lie & d'Ichère Two small Pyrenean passes to discover at a bike allure, the Col de Lie, 600m, followed by the Col d'Ichère 674m, both 5km, average 5%. This way connects the Barétous and...

La Pastorale

La Pastorale Three representations for the 2012 Pastorale, theatre play in Bearnese, organized by the association Pastorala Aussalesa on a floating stage on Lake village Castet, Ossau...

Summer night movie

Summer night movie Outdoor movie, L'Arnacœur, for this summer night in Parempuyre, near Bordeaux, organised by Art'Y Show...

Animals plays

Animals plays In the Landes of Gironde, south-west of France, people play with horses, dogs with chicken, green moments...

Gastronomie, à la bordelaise

Gastronomie, à la bordelaise Located in the heart of the Graves vineyards, near Bordeaux, Les Sources de Caudalie is a luxury hotel spa 5 stars gourmet restaurant...

Expo at the former rectory of Bedous

Expo at the former rectory of Bedous Elodie Leloup presents this july 14th in the former rectory of Bedous her garment factory, accessories, suspension seats, fabric decorations, Daniele Gay's inks, watercolors...

Jazz à Oloron 2012

Jazz à Oloron 2012 A 9-day festival, stars and major exponents of jazz from Europe and around the world: Enrico Rava, Viktor Lazlo, Bojan Z, Andy Sheppard, Tigran Hamasyan, Eivind Aarset ; well...