The Existences blog, a space for aesthetic, artistic, experiential quest, expression of a lifestyle of perpetual research…

Follow the photographer in this web portal to his internet world, discover worlds, people, places between cities and natures, architectures and mountains, arts and humanisms ; Experience by an eye witness of globalisation as of the culture of Heritages with an approach aiming to be sensitive, exigent, expressive…

Online magazine

Expression of the personal and shared approach of your servant, Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL, graphic designer, photographer, artist based in Oloron Sainte-Marie in the Pyrenees, south-west of France, the existences blog shows you places, people, projects or ideas, with a special look through photography.

Photojournalist artist

My ambition is to show you subjects as a photojournalist artist, photojournaliste plasticien, which is trying to go beyond the litteral reading and capture. It’s about pushing the composition, the graphic, the aesthetic, the light ; intensely, sometimes up to abstraction, to tell the information, the concept, the emotion. It’s an expressionist approach.

Visual stories

Visual stories, articles are oftens re-contextualized relay of stories published over time on my photo-blogs www.pierremm.com and philippines.pierremm.com ; thus, each article is an entry point to the corresponding albums, more complete. As both photo-blogs are by nature more chronological, existences.info is a new entrance, proposing you a selection for more sense, via a perspective.

A galaxy…

That way, the existences blog also leads you to other of my sites, because as web designer since 1997, I often seemed useful to create a dedicated space to a project so that the shape would be more relevant to the content. So here are a few shortcuts among those places that I invite you to explore otherwise.

the portal, the news, the photo-blog, the starting and ending place.

Artistic side…

Introduction : a global approach

Intérieurs oloronais (2015 – … )


Bardenas (luces) Reales (2015)

Le Fort du Portalet (2013)

Philippines Rendez-Vous (2011)

…graphic design

Soul Of Data (2013)

Kalayaan (…) Kapatiran (2012-2014)

Oloron-Sainte-Marie la Nuit (2012)

ParadoxCity (2004-2011)

2015-2025 Calendar

Travel side

Photo-blog France, Europe, USA, …

Philippines Photo-blog

Road book New York – San Francisco

This artistic, personal approach, is deeply nourished and nurtures my professional career, I invite you to discover my services, driven by this approach that is aiming to be useful, unique, durable.

Pro side

Visual communication

Architecture Photography

Professional Photography

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