Days of Wood and Forest

Interpro Forêt Bois 64 and the Association des Communes Forestières des Pyrénées-Atlantiques organised the Days of Wood and Forest, november 5-13, 2016. I went with the Pavillon de l’Architecture (House of Architectes of Pau), to the November Tuesday 8th to the visits, including a sawmill, a woodwork factory, an almost finished house, and a domain.

You can find other pictures on the website of the Pavillon de l’Architecture

In a sawmill

Visit of the Courtie sawmill in Montaut

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Woodwork factory

Visit of the company CCB, Concept Charpente Bois in Igon

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An almost finished house

Visit of an old béarnaise house being renovated by Despré Architectes in the french Pyrenees

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The Domaine des Deux Eaux

Visit of the Domaine des Deux Eaux in Bruges (64), also renovated by Despré Architectes

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