Retrospective image of some of my previous exhibitions in France and the Philippines.

The first two were held almost simultaneously in May 2010 in France and the Philippines, following the participation in competitions ; one in Manila around the historic district of the city, the other for Toulouse Photography Festival.
Also simultaneity for the following two, the next month with my first solo exhibitions in Bordeaux, Avenue Carnot, about the simple and natural beauty of Filipinos, and in Manila, Kaida Gallery, with pictures of the city from the top of skyscrapers.
If the first two came with the challenge to see if my photography had an audience, the latter have been at the request of the owners (or curators) of places ; an encouraging start that prompted me to pursue this way.
Other exhibitions then have followed, and waiting to take the time to tell you little stories for each, I invite you to this small retrospective in pictures:

Solo shows Group shows







Solo shows Group shows