Project Pearls is 2 years old

Project Pearls foundation was created 2 years ago by Melissa Villa.  Its goal is to help the children of Ulingan, the charcoal district of Tondo in Manila, the Philippine capital.

This article is a brief introduction that leads you to my photo stories in the philippine archipelago ……

Back to 2009, discovering the place with filipino photojournalists friends :


2011, see the , already efficient after 6 months existence :


Next year is a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the children and volunteers of Project Pearls :


Donations and volunteers are welcome ! Maintaining such action is a courageous act, a constant struggle against the external pressures that can meet the organization. These include the conflict with the leaders of the nearby dump and its willingness extension, which at the end of 2011, has already led to the displacement of  houses in the neighborhood.

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