Tasting of Bearn local meat

The association Slow Food Béarn organized at the “Onigourmand” guest house in Oloron, a tasting of cow and veal meat, from the Béarnaise breed.

On the menu, several types of pieces have been submitted to the panel of tasters (ribs with beef or veal bone, flannel flap, sirloin flap, side dish or hock …) with different cooking methods: roti Baked, plancha or boiled. After agreeing on the method, the tasters wrote their impressions on different characteristics: appearance, smell, slicing, tenderness, juiciness and of course the aromas. The goal is to specify the vocabulary of taste to better define the organoleptic qualities of the meat products of this race Béarnaise, whose safeguard is beginning to value it in order to restore a deserved place in our gastronomy.

Bernard Mora President, Vincent Moulia and several producers of this iconic breed, together with Didier Hervé from IPHB, Jacky Mège and some members of Slow Food, who are used to tasting have, in conviviality but with lots of focusing on all tests. It should be said that Patrick Guillon in the kitchen with the precious complicity of Dominique and Marie-Jo Leroux, owners of this famous Table d’Hôtes, not only for a remarkable decoration, masterfully enhanced the quality of this tasting which was a delight to the taste buds. ”

Gilbert Dalla Rossa
SlowFood Béarn Association

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