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Marketing websiteDiscover my latest webdesign reference, the redesign of the Events Marketing website, a marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada.

The website presents in english and french the canadian (...)

2014-04-11 | Categories:

Kalayaan (...) Kapatiran CCP Manila exhibit extension

Kalayaan (...) ProjectThe CCP exhibit is extended until april 20th. Also, after the Cultural Center of the Philippines exhibit, the CCP Arts Education Department will bring the 20 x 2.5m fresco to their outreach program in Samar and Tacloban. The project is to recycle it for people (...)

2014-04-06 | Categories:

Le printemps des Poètes au Cœur des Arts

Printemps des Poètes OloronDu 11 au 15 mars 2014 est le temps du Printemps des Poètes qui est cette année au Cœur des Arts. Peinture, musique, photo, danse, sculpture sont au programme, avec notamment mon projet photo l'Etre et le Corps, qui met en scène des (...)

2014-02-28 | Categories:

Kalayaan (...) Kapatiran exhibit in CCP, Manila, starting march 7

Kalayaan (...) Project Created in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, the Kalayaan (...) Kapatiran project will be exhibited march 7 to april 13, 2014 as a monumental fresco at the little theatre lobby in CCP, Cultural Center of the Philippines. There will be March 7, 2pm the artist's talk, followed a 4pm (...)

2014-02-28 | Categories:

L'Être et le Corps aux Journées de la Femme

Journées de la Femme OloronDu 5 au 8 mars, la cinquième édition des Journées de la Femme dans le Piémont Oloronais s’articulera sur le thème du corps, accord du corps et de l’esprit. A cette occasion, mon projet photo l'Être et le Corps sera (...)

2014-02-28 | Categories:

Paglaum: A fundraising exhibit for Typhoon Yolanda survivors

Haiyan charity exhibitMarch 5th to April 5th, 2014, I will participate to this fundraising exhibit for Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan survivors. Paglaum (Hope) is a fundraising exhibit organized by the Photojournalists' Center of the Philippines. (...)

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Top 5 at the 24h of Artistic Creation

imageApplication of my paradoxCity graphic design concept, this infographics work on the Robotic Mobile Base of Sajoux brothers (...)

2013-12-08 | Categories:

24h of Artistic Creation

24h innovationDecember 6-7th 2013, I'll be among the artists participants to the 24h of Artistic Creation, contest holding during the 24h of Innovation organized by the French Engineering (...)

2013-11-28 | Categories:

Revol'ution V

Ma ville vue du TrainSaturday, December 7th, 2013, the artists of rue de Révol and around will open their studios/galeries at night, starting 7pm to 10pm. You will see at Existences the photos and the book about the Fort du Portalet, also the (...)

2013-11-28 | Categories:

Exhibit : My City and the Train

Ma ville vue du TrainThe city of Oloron Sainte Marie and SNCF, the national railroad company, via Plug & Play agency, in Paris, commissioned me this exhibit, "carte blanche" on the relation (...)

2013-11-16 | Categories:

Charity Exhibit for Philippines super-typhoon victims

Haiyan charity exhibitTo help Haiyan/Yolanda supertyphoon victims, I make a special exhibit of photos of the Philippines online in my Picto gallery (fine prints from 90 to (...)

2013-11-12 | Categories:

Oloron la Nuit au salon du Livre de Pau

Du 8 au 10 novembre au Palais Beaumont, venez nous rencontrer lors de Pau Fête le Livre autour d'Oloron-Sainte-Marie la Nuit avec Samie Louve sur le stand Monhélios.

Ce sont 108 exposants, libraires, (...)

2013-10-26 | Categories:

Visit at the Fort of Portalet


Visite du Fort du PortaletOn 20 October 2013, we organized with the Eco-Museum of the Aspe valley a special outing to the Fort Portalet, visit guided by Nicole Blaye, from the Eco-Museum and myself for some photographic points. You can find below a short (...)

2013-10-21 | Categories:

Published in Mabuhay magazine


Photos published in Mabuhay,the Philippine Airlines magazine, to illustrate an article on eco-tourism in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental in the Philippines, an (...)

2013-10-03 | Categories:

D'Art et d'Ici


Les 12 et 13 octobre 2013, la galerie Existences ouvrira de 14 à 19h dans le cadre de la manifestation d'Art et d'Ici, organisée par le Conseil Général des Pyrénées Atlantiques, l (...)

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