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Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL, directeur artistique, print, web, photographe

Galerie Existences à Pau, Bordeaux, Oloron Sainte Marie

Exhibit at Leclerc Cultural Center

April 10th to May 11st, 2015, a little exhibit Oloron-Sainte-Marie's photos (...)

2015-04-12 | Categories:

Murray Head's photoshoot and poster design

For his new tour, we met at Murray Head's house to make a photo shoot with him, the musician Alain Larribet and the singer Sophie Sérougne.

This trio is the core of his special acoustic band, aside the pospstar's (...)

2015-04-02 | Categories:

Paris Book Fair

Let's meet march 20-23, 2015 at Paris Book Fair, on the Aquitaine region booth, thanks to éditions Monhélios.

Signatures friday, march 20st : 12-13h and sunday 22nd : 10-12h and 14-16h.

The author's page. How (...)

2015-03-09 | Categories:

Architecture and Photo Workshops


A cycle of workshops with the Bel Ordinaire, center of contemporary art in Pau and the Heritage (...)

2015-02-14 | Categories:

Art en Vrac

Selected among the artists at the 9th edition of ART en VRAC, April 4, 5, 6, 2015 in Salies-de-Béarn, a 1st participation to this famous event (...)

2015-01-29 | Categories:

Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art (JEMA) 2015


Les après-midis des 28 et 29 mars 2015, le studio Existences sera dédié aux JEMA, Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art, pour des questions-réponses et quelques démonstrations de mes métiers de graphiste, maquettiste, photographe.

Les (...)

2015-01-29 | Categories:

"Le Livre en Béarn"

Les 7 et 8 février au parc des Expositions de Pau, retrouvons-nous en marge du Carnaval Béarnais à Pau pour cette première édition du "Le Livre en Béarn", (...)

2015-01-29 | Categories:

Webdesign : Han'vol


Discover one of my latest creations, the website of the HAN'VOL association, which aims to promote and encourage the integration of people with disabilities in the world of free flight (...)

2015-01-23 | Categories:

Exhibit extension at the Trinquet


Consecutive to the change of owner, this early 2015, the exhibit of a selection of posters of Oloron-Sainte-Marie and Béarn continues at Le Trinquet, restaurant-brasserie, place des Oustalots, famous for its atypic wall for basque pelote plays. (...)

2015-01-18 | Categories:

Je Suis Charlie


Can't believe all those voices of liberty have been shut down. In the name of some god, some crazy fools manipulated by other crazy fools killed crazy nice fools. And then, what ? We lose a lot as humans, and what did they win ? Fear makes people stronger, voices louder... They are a few (...)

2015-01-07 | Categories:

Simple Beauty at Pau's Café


October to mid-december 2014, come discover Simple Beauty, colours and faces of the Philippines, an exhibition of photography in Pau's Café, famous coffee roaster in the city of Pau. The pictures are exhibited in the warm and cosy degustation space.

For each (...)

2014-11-16 | Categories:

G33ft idea : 2015-2025 calendar


Discover 2015-2025, a graphic design concept : a 10 years calendar.

A solid board 36 x 88 cm, 5 languages caption: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French. Price: 90€.


2014-11-16 | Categories:

Diane Rosaz in Existences

Exposition peinture oloronA partir du samedi 15 novembre jusqu’à la fin de l’année, venez découvrir à Existences la peinture de Diane Rosaz, artiste de la féminité, de l’esthétique du corps et de ses (...)

2014-11-15 | Categories:

The 24h of Innovation

24h innovationAfter the 24h of Artistic Creation last year, december 12-13th 2014, I'll be among the participants (students, professionals, ...) to the 24h of Innovation, organised by the French Engineering (...)

2014-11-14 | Categories:

Wallpaper* Manila city Guide is out


This fall is released the Wallpaper* Manila City Guide, on which I worked very closely, having photographed for this mission most of the sixty sites presented.

This guide of the capital of the Philippines offers a perspective focused (...)

2014-11-14 | Categories: