Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL, aka Pierremm, photographer, visual artist, experienced art director, graphic designer.

Fascinated by the image since childhood, first by its formal dimension, technical side, then and especially by its relation to the meaning, its semantic, symbolic aspects ; visual representation has become over time a real way of life.

Graphic designer for almost 20 years, now freelance, I previously worked in Paris and Bordeaux in advertising and interactive agencies as Art director, working my own artistic way side by side. Since 2010, I'm developping the artistic side, especially with photography.

Visual artist

Graphic design side, I conceived paradoxCity, a graphic design concept exploring man’s relationship with the urban environment, with others and his own demarche. An immersive journey that challenges familiar visual clues.

Kalayaan (...) Kapatiran is a graphic design / photography project that links the Philippines islands languages and the motto Liberté Egalité Fraternité in a visual alphabet composed of french people's mouths.

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Photography is a natural extension of my initial background, finding in reality another incarnation, a complement to my pictural work, in documentary, photojournalism, humanitarian, travel photography, portraits, architecture, etc., available for photo assignments worldwide.


Since January 2009, I've been going regularly across the Philippines country to draw the warm and friendly vibrations that my artistic demarche tries to share through photography. I also travel Europe, Spain especially, North America, looking for inspiration in scenics and cities.


My photos are regularly shown in exhibits, in France and in the Philippines. Sharing is also possible with workshops and conferences for organizations, students, galleries or photo-clubs