Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL, directeur artistique, print, web, photographe

Galerie Existences à Pau, Bordeaux, Oloron Sainte Marie

Makati from the Sky

Manila, Philippines. Half-way between airport and historical city, Makati is the modern suburb of Manila : business center, touristic area, malls and corporate buildings are the main attractions.

IMG_6482But from above, the city taste so differently. We can fly over as a bird, the look loosing then, north and west to the Bay and Intramuros, east to Mandaluyong and south to the Laguna de Bay. Whatever the names of the places, what holds you is the multitude. At day, the multiplication of greys, everything in colored greys, dirty greys, approximatives tints, almost unvolontary, and this green that seem to survive in between the walls, reprieving... The multitude of shapes, fields of houses, grapes of buildings, each different and all merging in global anonymity.

IMG_6235At night, between empty and filled spaces, off, on, perspectives are structured by the long lightened avenues. Reassuring light, desire to follow these long roads, straight to the dawn. Leave, run away the darkness, increasing un-tolds, the hiding face, latent danger... Or stay. Reassuring presence of the neons, inhuman presence but sign of life, evening spots, stars of the city.

IMG_6579We can also take it from above, this city, snob it. Perpective then change, people and cars becoming similarly unsignificant, moving objects with their own speed, their own destination. No expression, no sense, juste directions. But from above, we don't care, busy to follow by the streets those red, blue, green or yellow ants, slipping among the giant trees, those tall vertical towers.

IMG_3852Some morning, everything just drawn in the dawn mist. Humidity, pollution ? We're still discussing of. Planet seems agonizing, covered by a gloomy veil despite the rising day. Destruction man is at work, the multitude of little causes as many as sources of serious consequences, personified as this cloud made of dark ideas.

IMG_6247We can change our mind, seeking in this concrete labyrintth, encouraging signs of human intelligence. If a certain idea of beauty is quite rare here, we can extract from this mine some precious instants, some rare visions in some randoms view angles... And above all, remembering that the beauty here is mainly in the smiles of this beautifull people.

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