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Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL, directeur artistique, print, web, photographe

Galerie Existences à Pau, Bordeaux, Oloron Sainte Marie

Photo Services

Domains of expression


"Every domain has its role, its utility. Job and passion, photography is the tool that links me to the world... By stopping time, I look deeper in the instant to understand it more..."

Art Photography

Art Photography

Seek, think, dream...

Seeking for Beauty, the cult of aesthetic.

The beauty of the world is infinite, we can find it anywhere, anytime. Or we can try to control it or let it surprise us, it's an infinite quest...

- Portraits
- Scenics
- Abstractions

Discover la Collection, Concepts, selections of Art Photography.

Commercial Photography

Illustrate, enhance, impact!

Professional photography give substance to your brand image, impact to your products, value to your communication.

Domains :

- Architecture / Heritage
- Travel / Tourism
- Resorts / Hotels / Restaurants
- Industry / Agriculture
- Corporate / Commercial

Genres :

- Interiors / Exteriors
- Portraits / Products
- Scenics / Travels

Photo journalism

Show, tell, witness.

When photo focus on people, on their stories, the look at the world change.

More than instants or light, time, words are the testimonials.

- Features / Documentaries
- Humanitarian / Social
- Sport / News

Street photography

Street photography

Explore, visit, study.

Aesthetic of the city, mirror of our society.

Instinctive photography, no staging. More than beauty, it's about chasing the meaning, the emotion, the unusual, fixing time...