Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL, directeur artistique, print, web, photographe

Galerie Existences à Oloron Sainte Marie

Portfolio graphic designer

Art director, Graphic designer, discover in a glimpse past and present professional works.

Visual communication

Visual communication Besides the artistic and marketing aspects, designing a layout (magazine, catalog, brochure, leaflet, display stand, poster, record sleeve, jacket, ...), managing the...

Web Design

Web Design Freelance webdesign Art director in ad and web agencies or client side, art direction, graphic variations or full html/css design on cms based websites. Thanks to BDDP...

Brand identity

Brand identity Whatever your field of activity, your logo is the shortcut graph, the distinctive emblem, the visual representation of your identity.

Data visualization, infographics

Data visualization, infographics Illustrate, how to express the message visually : Data visualization, infographics, pictos, icones, charts, maps...

CBI, a global brand approach

CBI, a global brand approach 2007-2009, heading the graphic communication (catalogs, brochures, posters, websites, intranet, ...) of CBI, Cabinet Bedin Immobilier, a network of fifty estate agencies in...

Focus : Poster Designer

Focus : Poster Designer The poster is the classical format of visual expression. Whether communication support or work of art, its function remains effectiveness in conveying the concept, the...

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Portfolio graphic designer