Un Tout 
In & Out

Observe to understand
photograph to express
share the city via the image
through the architecture
the urban structure
of a medieval quartier

The city as a visual poem

In 3 chapters
by the formal approach
the emotions
of the One
of the Whole
& Out



In this small piece of France in the foothills of the mountains, inspiration comes from a medieval quartier, itself a heritage monument, where streets and facades from an ancient age, evoke, tell, whisper timeless stories.


Revealing a city pictorially in black and white, using natural photography, is an invitation to observe, reflect on and capture the emotions that emanate from the city lights.


Like the Camino de Santiago passing through the town, browse images as though in a dream ; in a symbolic pilgrimage, In & Out, discover a precious architectural Whole with a contemplative mind.

The book

Sample pages

Sample pages

Un Tout, In & Out, a subject in itself, a global object
where representation echoes the soul of the city..

The booklet


Un Tout
In & Out


Experiential study that lends itself to seeing, reading and feeling moments in a city through their representation, Un Tout In & Out is an experimental booklet, a manifesto project where photos, texts and design meet in a concept on the universal pictoriality of a living place, an urban entity and its architectural reality.

The One
as in each element from which the Whole is made

In & Out,
because a city, a district, is seen from outside,
is seen from inside,
and from inside, is seen the outside

It’s in this duplication, In & Out
that we perceive the Whole from every One,
that every One is in the Whole.

The photographic medium, a two dimensional space,
handle the volumes that have become lines, spaces, graphical signs.

Materials, angles, everything matters according to the angle.

Writing the light to sketch visual representations of a multiple space, with an alphabet composed of streets, walls, windows, roofs, textures, details, ... like so many letters of variable meaning.

Perceiving the photographic grammar through the architectural subject.

Words, then sentences emerge from their composition, from their assembly, in a syntax made of perspectives, diagonals, symmetries, contrasts, voids too, dots, spaces, silences, breaths.

The city becomes a visual poem, over time revealing itself In & Out, recalling its timelessness, at least on a human scale; the measure of a time slowed down.


The author

The author

Photographer, graphic designer, Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL has mostly lived in Paris, Bordeaux, Manila . He’s now based in his adoptive region of Aquitaine, in south west France, in Oloron Sainte-Marie in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains, where he’s developing his local and global activity.

Freelancing and working as a communication agency art director, he also takes an artistic approach to photography. Since 2010, his work has been exhibited in France, Spain, and the Philippines.

“Photography is a natural extension of my background, finding in reality a complement to my pictorial work. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the image, first by its formal dimension, its technical aspects, and then particularly by its relation to meaning - its semantic, symbolic aspects. Visual representation has become a way of life.”


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the booklet


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7x7in / 18x18cm - 44 pages
Black&White / Color - English / French

the project


Universal in its appeal, this project evokes a city in its essence through photography and detachment, bringing together graphic design and words. With its variable geometry, it can be shown in different ways, putting the accent on one or several aspects according to your goals.


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